“I’ve had the pleasure of both working with and getting to know Charlie over the years. Great shoes, strong business mind, and a great person all in one. I recommend her wholeheartedly because she gives 110% every time.”

Sean Ryan

DRTV Producer, Sean Ryan RW Advertising, Inc.

“Charlie runs one of the best full turn-key operations, handling virtually all aspects of direct response: marketing, creative, production, media, telemarketing and back end optimization.”

Josh Reynolds


“I’m reading with my yellow highlighter in hand…tips I don’t want to forget. This book is a perfect example of ‘I think it, but she said it.’ Everyone can relate to this book. I tell my boys all the time that there is no problem that can’t be solved. Charlie Fusco clearly uses this approach too. Download or purchase the book now. It is brilliant!”

Amazon Customer

“Working with Charlie Fusco over the years has been a great experience. Charlie gets the work done in a timely manner, is very creative and always professional! A true delight!”

Sherry L. Granader

Spokesperson, TV Host, Nutritionist, Author and Writer

Our Type of Clients

That Girl Charlie

TGC Worldwide is led by Founder, CEO and Artistic Director, Charlie Fusco. Her unique talents, history, experience and consistency of results are the ‘secret sauce’ that allows our clients to achieve what seems impossible.

Our Clients Tell the Real Story

Brains, Boobs and Balls

Brains, Boobs, & Balls

Brains, Boobs, & Balls is equal parts business strategy, comedy, and personal journey, with an unabashed dash of the bawdy.

Don’t worry — this is not a self-help book. It’s a 100% uncensored confessional-style account of all the terrible mistakes that can be survived while trying to conquer the boardroom, control the family room, and master the bedroom all at the same time.

What Fusco tells readers about succeeding in life and in business is to stand by their decisions, keep moving forward, and learn how to turn “screw ups” into “fail ups.”

With an emphasis on insights for female entrepreneurs, Brains, Boobs & Balls shares Fusco’s life lessons acquired from her own journey to personal and professional success.