In 2003, while I was giving birth to kid #2 the social conscious was birthing a different kind of child – the Podcast! Today, my kid is entering 8th grade and as she pushes forward to become an independent adult I must suffer through comments like, “back in your day was it hard to watch black and white movies?” Ain’t motherhood grand? Similarly, I am viewed by my Millennial staff as the “old radio lady” as I talk about raising the 2016 Podcast kid that is fast maturing into adulthood and becoming an almost unstoppable force in content marketing.

What many of my work children don’t realize is that this lady who has been in radio since 1995 was producing podcasts when it wasn’t the IN THING through #VoiceAmerica – two of which I co-hosted. Much like the first 3 years of raising a baby those years of Podcasting were a blur. Technology was not what it is now nor was the audience as hungry for this type of content. So, just as Podcasts started becoming widely successful – I stopped them. Why? Simple. Raising an infant to three years old, without killing the kid or losing your mind, is exhausting. Podcasting, at that time, was premature perhaps. Human baby or Podcast. Whatever, they both require an immense amount of work to raise them right! Ok, in all honesty, you keep the human baby around because it grows on you. The Podcast baby you can choose to simply not listen and it quietly goes to sleep forever. And that’s what I did. I kept the quippy teenager and left the three podcasts to sleep.

You’re asking yourself, “Didn’t this chick, who compares raising babies to recording audio, just launch a new Podcast?”

Yes. I did. I’ve decided to birth another Podcast baby – and with full intention that it will return to me Podcast grandchildren. The other Podcast parental unit is the most unlikely of co-hosts, @evanmorgenstein of @celebexperts. It’s called @CEOPowercast. Yes, we are at the stage with only a few Episodes released. When we get to lucky #9 on May 4th we will be irreversibly pregnant and July 6th we’ll have delivered ‘a older-than-an-infant’ Podcast baby to the world. There is science behind this math I promise you!

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Keep reading to discover the grand master plan but first check out the Infographic.


As you can see Podcasting allows us to talk to people worth talking with at a time when they are most receptive to hearing our conversation! As CEO’s and Entrepreneurs what better situation to encourage personal and business growth?

Now you’re asking… So, why Morgenstein as a co-host? Why a business Podcast? Why give birth now? What’s the master plan?

If you want to understand why I decided to have a Podcast Baby with Evan Morgenstein you’ll have to listen to the episodes we put out every Wednesday on When you hear us debate, fight, poke each other, and do other not-exactly professional or PC things – it will become clear.

Ours in not a business Podcast except for how it is classified on itunes. Ours is a series of conversations that matter to CEO’s – some include business topics, others include life balance topics, and others tackle passion in both. We banter about success tips, we discuss “dirty little secrets we don’t like to admit in business”, and we laugh at the duality of being a successful CEO and parent. It’s messy. It’s funny. It’s raw. It’s aggressive. It’s reaching farther. And those are all great ways to run your personal life or your business, wouldn’t you agree?

And the conversations we have started are really cool, too! #joshshaw #danielmumby #forbesriley #briansmtih #stevensarns #cooltowels #HSN #UGGS #NuStep #startupguy #50for50 #celebrity #socialmedia #expowest #weightloss #influencers #elpolloloco

Why am I co-hosting another Podcast especially since my company, Synerigxx, sells traditional radio media all day long in a world where selling Podcast media is still in its infancy? Podcasting has become technologically easier for one. Podcasting has transitioned from emerging trend to  a mature media. And I’m an expert in the media business. Oh, and I’ve been told I give good microphone!

As of 2014 here were the stats!

Number of PodCast Listeners

Imagine this! Every Wednesday I get to influence 54% of men in the audience? I get to wonder of those men how many are too young for me to give advice too! Of the billion plus subscribers to Podcasts what % can I eventually claim as listeners? And when I walk down the grocery aisle and see three people reaching for the same item I get to guess which one of the three has listened to a podcast and was it CEOPowercast on Facebook? This is all mental fun for a girl like me.

The master plan is simple. Use the fastest growing media channel to connect  globally with like-minded people forming a community of professionals who want to be better at business while living UN-apologetically amazing lives! Use the Podcast to establish the relationship and build the trust that the conversations we have on the show really do matter and create staircases for people to get to the next level. Create live events where this same community can bring their energy into a room and participate in the conversations that matter in-person. Help the entrepreneur who has almost given up refuel and prepare to REDEFINE risk and reward.And of course celebrate the business person who defies the odds and creates 360 degree success in their life. Will this ultimately create business for Evan and I – of course – we are not Martyrs! But business created while positively contributing to the universe – that’s good stuff!

Why give birth to CEOPowercast? It’s time…

Ready to join the conversation… email me your topic and let’s talk!