With the rising costs of media both online and offline when that phone rings you better make that customer experience count for something. At Synergixx we are often asked what makes us different than our competitors and how we can be an advantage over cheaper solutions like IVRs or off shore call centers. While the list is long, the reasons we are a great call center partner are not as important to you, the end marketer, as are the “sales secrets” we have embedded in our call center culture. So, I thought… why not share these secrets with a few close people to help them out… below are 3 out of many of the “sales secrets” we use every day to bring you more customers with a higher lifetime customer value (LVC)!

WalMart taught us how to sell more per call!

When WalMart experimented with going to bigger shopping carts (physically bigger to take up more aisle space) they found that their average customer sale increased by $44!! If your average sale per customer went up $44 would this make and impact?

Secret #1: Synergixx encourages our clients to give us the biggest shopping cart possible. This means we need 2,3,4,5,6 products that we can sell on each phone call. We help create “blue light specials” and bundles that make customers feel like they are getting a really great deal on things they will use everyday (similar to overloading their cart at Walmart with extra cleaning supplies because they are priced right). Unlike Walmart, this secret does not mean the products will be so heavily discounted that marketers take a hit on profit. Our strategy is to simply increase the shopping cart size so customers can buy more per each call. Why doesn’t this work as well on an IVR or offshore call center? Simple. Live agents that are commissioned correctly make it easier for customers to shop for more per call.

We don’t sell autoship programs!

When you ask a customer if they want to get on an autoship program or sign-up for monthly billing the answer is NO! Customers feel the same way whether they are served a pop-up page, and IVR message or read a script. But when you train your agents to excite callers about customer loyalty benefits and preferred customer perks you build better brand equity and repeat business.  It’s a vocabulary and tone of delivery switch for most marketers.

We always have a B & C strategy on each call!

38% of all TV revenue in 2015 was products NOT introduced in the initial advertisement the viewer responded too. This means that customers who called or clicked about product A only found out about product B & C from a sales rep or X-Sell cart online. Hands down, live agents outperform websites, IVRs and off shore call centers when it comes to X-Selling new products on the initial call – or at least Synergixx live agents do! For all customers who purchase product A we have a strategy to sell 40% of them products B and C! Without the proper X-Sell offers, scripting and commission strategy this HUGE revenue boost isn’t possible.

Synergixx is more than just a TV production company and certainly goes beyond radio and TV media buying with our in-house USA based soft offer boutique call center with a 125 seat capacity. Our agents are trained to sell and are commissioned to sell more per call. Campaigns that are a good fit for our call center include:

  1. Campaigns seeking a higher AOV (lots of upsell/cross-sell opportunities)
  2. Campaigns that seek a higher sign-up rate for reoccurring revenue
  3. Companies with more than one product to sell
  4. Campaigns that need a higher conversion rate

Here’s another BONUS SECRET – remember, it’s just between you and I – if you send us your current phone script we will review it and add-in some “sales secrets” free! We would go out of business if we made all our competitors phone scripts better, right? We can give away our some of our secrets because like all good things the real secret is in the execution!

Here is a :60 clip for you to enjoy!