(the answer is enough to warrant reading this post)

I took conference calls all day yesterday with various companies that all had separate but immediate goals. I believed I would be discussing Personal Endorsement Radio and TV Infomercials as a way to drive online sales and retail. I was wrong. In every conversation the question came up.

How are you using a call center to drive extra revenue and retain your customers?

It’s not a trick question!

Call #1: My online #advertising is getting more and more expensive and less responsive, what other mediums can I supplement with to drive leads?

Call #2: My #retail stores need a plan from me to increase in-store sales.

Call #3: We are looking for a way to increase the AOV on the initial call so that we can ramp up our #media.

Call #4: I need to change my model from a Free Trial to a Hard Offer because my return rates are too high.

Call #5: We need to put off any testing until we get through Q3 so we can self fund new #campaigns.

As you can imagine, the advice I could give any of these clients is wide. Yet, I chose to ask the same question to each and when I got the same answer I led with the same advice.

Let’s look at a way to use your own customer database to fix that problem – with a phone call!

Let’s break it down:

#1: Squeezing Blood from the Online Turnip:

If you generate leads that don’t convert online – you have a goldmine of new revenue waiting to be squeezed out. Consider creating a dedicated customer service team to dial on these leads. You will only connect with about 20% of the leads but the conversations generated from these connects can convert as high as 30%+!

#2: Call Your In -Aisle Advocates

Your retail stores provide you with In-Aisle Advocates – they are called sales clerks. Call your stores and talk to the clerks and managers about your product that is already sitting on their shelves. Perhaps they are low on product and should reorder. Maybe their staff isn’t too familiar with your product and a little hyped-up education will go along way. It’s possible to get your In-Aisle Advocates so pumped about your product that you create a 30-day halo effect of sales in your brick and mortar stores. Yours is the first product that comes up when customers ask for help. This is a powerful phone call your call center makes on your behalf. Why spend more on advertising to sell more in store when you can get sales people to do it for you one-on-one in the store? 

#3: 24 Hour Welcome Calls – Don’t be afraid!

A customer places an order on Monday for a $99 product online or in a phone room. On Tues that customer is called by a Brand Advocate to make sure they are thanked personally for the order and to  assure them it is being processed immediately. Welcome to the Brand! Now imagine that on this same call the phone rep mentions additional savings or products that can be included in the box before it ships. You can add another $20-$50 of product to the box with the customer excited about keeping the box. Again, connection rate is your enemy but the increase in 8-11% of added revenue is your front-end AOV friend. (Plus that customer now has access to more of your product line without you spending additional marketing dollars!) Don’t be afraid of cancellations – you can save many of them which also helps with your #chargeback rates!

#4: Canceled Trial Memberships Are Waiting For Your Call

When a customer cancels Free Trial (at a rate of 18-35%) at the end of the month it is not always because they didn’t like the product. Many times it is because they a) don’t like auto shipments b) believe they will not use the product enough before the money back guarantee expires – so they preemptively cancel. When you actively call that customer back and ask them how they enjoyed the trial (not why they canceled) you start a conversation that can easily end in bulk product shipments. You can recover another 5-8% of customer revenue and set the stage for additional revenue in the future.

#5: Wake Sleeping Customers to Fund New Customer Acquisition

You can use your own database of a) canceled auto shipments b) one-time shipments c) 180 day dormant customers d) product A only customers e) inquiry customers to generate $2-$8K a day in new revenue. How many new marketing initiatives could you fund with an additional $10K-$40K of new sales revenue a week. This is happening all the time. The best part is… you generate more database customers that can be added to this “Sleeping Customer” program to create an ever green campaign!

The bottom-line is that you need to be TALKING to your customers whenever possible! Email is not the same. Direct mail often falls flat. Chasing them around online with PPC ads is getting expensive and less efficient. While using the phone (or even a text message) you create a bond between your customer that is harder for your competition to break. The phone is your friend! That’s why companies like @GoDaddy are mastering the 2016 customer service calls – not a bad role model, right?

Synergixx is customizing calling campaigns for all types of products/services from #nutritional #supplements, #skin care, #surgical procedures, #financial programs, and hard goods. Let us help you think out how to put the power of PHONE into your revenue channel!

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