Charlie and Evan on the Ride of Their Lives!

CEO Powercast

The traditional business talk-show was in dire need of a shot of risqué, wild, and fiery flare. Who better to bring out the slick wicked-fun side of radio than Charlie? A collaborative effort with legendary provocateur Evan Morgenstein, CEO of CelebExperts, CEO Powercast finds these two hot-heads clashing on-air over hot topics trending in the industry (and whatever else may come to mind!).

Together, the duo provides branding and marketing tips and techniques while picking the brains of globally recognized successful CEOs.

CEO Powercast guests include:

Josh Shaw

CEO of Mission Athlete Care

Brian Smith

Founder of UGG Australia

Steve Sarns

Sales and Marketing VP at NuSteps Sales


Inventor Interviews

Kristy Kowal

Former Olympic Silver Medal Swimmer

Daniel Mumby

CEO of StartUp Foundation

Forbes Riley

CEO of Forbes Living

Avi Shenkar


Tanner Gers

Creative Success Show

Michael Alden

Bestselling Author,
Founder – Blue Vase Marketing



013: Can Your Business Make Money with a Podcast & Book? | Michael Alden
You’ve got business questions; we’ve got answers!

  • Does author credibility help improve CEO credibility?
  • How are podcasts helping to grow businesses?
  • Increasing prices – the key to profit?
  • Infomercial marketing in a modern Netflix age?

Our guest is the bestselling author of Ask More, Get More and 5% More and entrepreneur Michael Alden (Founder – Blue Vase Marketing). Hear how Michael survived a dismal childhood surrounded by drugs, arrests, and death, and instead chose to ask more of himself. Putting himself through college and law school by working in a call center, Michael went on to found the direct marketing agency Blue Vase Marketing. Now he’s on CEO Powercast – to tell you how you can ask more, get more, and do more for your business.

012: How to Advertise with Olympic Athletes, Working with Rule 40, Depression, & Tattoos | Kristy Kowal This week, Evan and Charlie continue carrying the torch they lit last week by discussing the many ways your business can utilize Olympic athletes to promote growth in sales and social reach (and you don’t need to have a P&G-sized budget to do it!). They are joined by Silver Medalist (Sydney 2000) and two-time NCAA Swimmer of the Year Kristy Kowal, discussing a multitude of topics, from post-Olympics life to depression and tattoos, that you simply have to hear to believe.

011: The Olympics Mean Business | Tanner Gers Evan and Charlie have a wild discussion with paralympian and motivational speaker Tanner Gers. They discuss taking control of your own life, Tanner’s blindness and paralympic journey, why the infamous Olympic “Rule 40” works against athletes, and how doing SEO can sometimes get you kicked off iTunes, which Tanner experienced on his super successful podcast “Creative Success Show.”

010: #INPEX2016 Evan and Charlie are back! After a brief hiatus, the duo returns to take you onto the show floor of the largest invention trade show for inventors, investors and entrepreneurs in America – INPEX – and interview creators of some of their new favorite products.

009: Is Amazon Putting You Out of Business? This week, the duo focuses on Amazon – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

008: Cybersecurity in Your Small Business | Resources for Entrepreneurial Growth Charlie and Evan address the dangers and repercussions of cyber-attacks on small business and methods every entrepreneur can use to sharpen and expand their skill set daily.

007: Avi Shenkar | How Does Rebranding Affect Brand Loyalty? After two weeks off, Charlie and Evan discuss the marketing secrets of chains and franchises, and interview BLO/OUT CEO Avi Shenkar.

006: Cracker Barrel for Millennials? Charlie Fusco and Evan Morgenstein battle over the merits of Cracker Barrel’s latest celebrity influencer campaign!  The CMAs, YouTube Stars, and Photo Booths! Is it a stunt or a well-planned program?

005: Steve Sarns | Hire the Right People Charlie Fusco and Evan Morgenstein give away tips for hiring dedicated employees and who your first hire should be. Then, the duo interviews Steve Sarns, VP of Sales and Marketing at NuStep Sales.

004: Forbes Riley | Your Personal Brand in Life Do you have to be a “jerk brand” like Simon Cowell, Steve Jobs and Donald Trump to be truly successful? Charlie and Evan also interview Forbes Riley, nationally-recognized spokeswoman and face of the SpinGym.

003: Building a Personal Brand on LinkedIn | Brian Smith (UGG Australia) Charlie and Evan discuss putting yourself in time out to avoid “businessman overload”, when you should accept a deal even if there might be more money on the table, and speak with Brian Smith, Founder of UGG Australia, on the global domination of the brand.

002: Does Internet Kill or Create Sales? | Expo West | Daniel Mumby The duo the ups and downs of trying to support your retail brand in an world, and are joined by “The StartUp Guy” Daniel Mumby!

001: Social Media Influencers? | Josh Shaw In the CEO Powercast debut, Charlie Fusco and Evan Morgenstein debate the value of posts from high visibility Social Media Influencers to millions of followers versus endorsements from the “Power Middle” with smaller, built-in communities. Then, Josh Shaw, CEO of Mission Athlete Care, drops by to discuss the brand becoming one of the fastest growing sport brands in the consumer goods sector.

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