That Girl Charlie

TGC Worldwide is led by Founder, CEO and Artistic Director, Charlie Fusco. Her unique talents, history, experience, and consistency of results are the ‘secret sauce’ that allows our clients to achieve what seems possible.

TGC Worldwide Focuses On:

  • Unique, highly accomplished CEO’s seeking to use their knowledge, experience and influence to build a Personal Brand that will shape an industry.
  • Influencers with a significant and active audience that want to dominate mass media and become a Global Brand.
  • Internationally Known Brands looking to build media empires outside of their core platform and transition to a Generational Brand that can be acquired.

TGC Worldwide clients all meet four specific criteria:

  • Whatever they are talking about, selling, teaching or developing must be relevant in ten years.
  • Their message, product, or offering must be important to people in every country of the world.
  • They look at their platform as a business investment that returns dividends that allow them to create greater impact.
  • They are “not jerks.”

Consistently and Creatively Connecting Ideas

You have all kinds of inspired ideas running through your mind. Our unique skill is connecting the dots, clarifying your vision so you can bring it into reality. We are artists, strategists, communicators and connectors.

Our Services Include:

Improving Your Network’s Net Worth

 A powerful story becomes universal when the right people begin retelling it with enthusiasm to their own circle of influence. We don’t just design “pretty things” – we increase your network’s net worth using our relationship capital to make the right introductions that exponentially increase your influence.

Focused on Increasing Your Global Impact

Our clients don’t need more wealth or publicity; they are motivated to become thought leaders, industry beacons and mega-voices in order to positively affect the lives of more people. For our clients, it’s all about amplification of voice and greater impact.


What Dots Are You Looking to Connect?

  • Building an Authority Platform
  • Launching a Best-Selling Book
  • Developing Your Personal Brand
  • Connecting You with the Right People
  • Designing Products from Your Expertise
  • Cultivating Celebrity Talent
  • Securing Earned Media
  • Expanding Market Share Through Sales Conversion
  • Engaging Your Brand in Philanthropic Activities
  • Securing a Competitive Advantage
  • Attracting Mass Media Attention
  • Storytelling Using Digital Docu-Series
  • Increasing Your Social Media Engagement
  • Creating a Reality TV Shows or Documentaries
  • Speaking on Live Stages
  • Discovering Who You Are and What You Really Can Offer People

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