Why your brand should be in #multichannel marketing NOW!

In 2012, Twitter bought #Vine for a rumored $30 million. Thursday, Twitter announced that the video looping app will close shop, lock up, and end in the coming weeks. Twitter is firm in their claim that this is due to Vine’s inability to compete in a #Snapchat and #Instagram driven market dominated by preteens and millennials. In my opinion. what #Twitter is missing is the reason Vine stood out from the pack.

Vine created #celebrity #influencers. The app found a sweet spot between 6-second GIFs and 10-minute #YouTube videos and promoted total independent creative control over a Viner’s IP. Through updates and a unique paradigm shift, Vine allowed any user to be their own writer, director, producer, and star of productions that they could edit in ways Instagram and Snapchat have yet to offer. Vine offered the opportunity to get your voice heard in a way that other platforms do not.

Certain creative personas took full advantage of that unique identifier and birthed channels of entertainment content that jettisoned them to fame. Brittany Furlan, Shawn Mendes, Logan Paul, and King Bach are just a few Viners who achieved celebrity stardom; Furlan currently has 4.2 billion video loops with 356k Twitter followers, while Paul can boast about his 4 billion video loops and 1.1 million Twitter followers. Both have since become legitimate employed actors.

Now Vine is dead. Celebrities like Furlan and Paul have been forced off the platform that landed them sponsor deals with big-name brands like Herbal Essences, Trident, Doritos, Hanes, Nike, and Dunkin Donuts. So, what now?

The truth is that major Vine stars will have no difficulty finding another outlet; Furlan and Paul will continue their acting careers (Logan Paul stars in The Thinning on YouTube Red). But for the other, smaller names who relied on the app for brand endorsements, they may find themselves stuck temporarily or longer. YouTube is always a creative outlet, but the audience is less forgiving of “their” stars producing sponsored content. Instagram and Snapchat don’t feature the same production value of Vine. Twitter and Facebook are not places for people meant to be on-camera. Vine orphans, much like product marketers, have woken up to the reality that no one channel will produce results without the risk of sudden implosion.

The death of Vine will sound without a whimper for most of the connected world; apps like Musical.ly will latch onto the user base. But to the stars and brands who relied on Vine as a hotbed of paid digital advertisement content with massive global reach it’s a seismic shake-up.

Reasons like this are why Synergixx is a multi-channel ad agency. It is true that we live in a fast-paced, instant gratification, mobile community now. But the world has become so faced paced that features like Vine vanish as quickly as they’re downloaded, as millennials pursue the “next big thing.” Putting all of your faith, resources, and hard-earned budget into a single channel, like Vine, can spell disaster for your brand.

This is true in “traditional marketing” and 2016 is proving it to #product #marketers. For example, those marketers that relied solely on online pay-per-click campaigns are now frantically trying to figure out TV and radio because online algorithms have just stopped working the same way. Marketers who made a killing through Instagram posts are seeking out radio personalities that will survive the “3-post Burnout.” Television and radio is looking mighty-fine again. Television and radio are tried-and-true and have both the data and the staying power to back up why they’re still a viable outlet, particularly for celebrity endorsement opportunities (and the floodgates are certainly open now!).

The end of Vine is one large example of why marketers need to diversify where they find their audiences and possibly a greater example of why product owners should think twice before selling their company.

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